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Dental Sealants

Brushing, flossing, balanced nutrition, limited snacking, and regular dental checkups are key ingredients in preventing cavities.

There is also a preventative treatment available for your child called sealants.

A sealant is a plastic coating which is applied to the chewing surfaces of your child’s permanent molars. Typically we seal the six and twelve year old molars. Sealants help prevent chewing surface cavities by coating deep grooves and fissures. Coated grooves are flatter; making them easier to brush and more difficult for bacteria to get in. Food and plaque will touch the sealant rather than the tooth surface.

The application of a sealant is quick and easy. It requires a separate appointment after your child’s checkup and cleaning. Once your child’s sealants are in place, there are no restrictions. They can return to school, eat and drink normally.

If interested please contact us or inquire at your child’s next checkup.