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Thumb Sucking

Digit sucking, also referred to as non-nutritive sucking habits, is completely normal for babies and young children. Most children stop sucking habits on their own.

Typically, children stop sucking on their fingers between ages two and four. There are some children who suck for a more prolonged period of time. These are the children who we offer advice to and tips on how to break the habit.

We encourage parents to be supportive and to give positive reinforcement throughout the process so that the child feels good about addressing the habit.

As pediatric dentists we will carefully monitor your child’s habits and watch the way it affects their teeth and jaw development. When parent, child and dentist are comfortable to start a habit breaking program, we will put a package together with suggestions on what to do to get started. Our approach is very gentle and supportive. We try to avoid creating stress for the child which would be counterproductive to what our ultimate goal would be.